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Hello Angels!

We hope you have fun on our website!
You can open an account here if you're a member of
Angels4Ever guild in the GrandFantasia game (server Ponchee ).

Please use the name of
your main GF character here as follows : it's less confusing.
I made this rule because I've seen sites where people have totally
different names on website and it's SO CONFUSING !

If your main character's name is for example "xSora23"
then make an account with a login name 
You can join here on top of this page.

( there's VERY LITTLE chance that this name exists )


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Guild News

Time flies !

xKiyoko, Aug 2, 14 5:28 AM.
Hello Angels ! It's been totally quiet on our website , but it's still free of charge, so I'm keeping an eye on it..
In the meantime, we have all been trying to catch up to Urd , who is now at lv77 , with RaiRai close behind at 76. Lots of members are lv70+ now except for Samhuk, who decided to remain at lv49 , so he gets to run us thru WR . THANKS SO MUCH , Samhuk

Meet you all in the game soon !

We are level 6 and now we have a Guild base !

xKiyoko, Jul 5, 13 4:06 PM.
Hello Angels :) Finally we've reached level 6 . Asjitaka, Nishu, Sakaki and Coud have played guilld quests together a whole weekend to get us the final points and through a large donation from Urd we got the 6000 gold to buy us our own guild base, which you can visit through the portals in each location ( click the little flag in the bottom left of the transportation map ).  Please send donations to Urd , not to the guild treasury !

Angels4Ever is still active :)

xKiyoko, Jan 31, 13 3:41 PM.
A few members have left and others have played less, but we're still around. Urd is still running ahead at level 69 , with RaiRai at level 66 and lots of other members reaching level 60. Sorry if I'm only on during weekends, but I won't forget our guild :) MiniShadowz from Singapore is one of our latest and very active members. I haven't met Littleann yet but hope to meet her soon. Everybody, we're a guild so help each other out whenever you can. Till next time !!

Welcome New members !

xKiyoko, Nov 9, 12 8:08 AM.
Hello Angels :) We have a few new members since I last visited GF : Hazelsong, JOCOOL11, angelbeatboy, Airashii so our guild now has 25 members. Of course , about 8 of them haven't visited since last year, but I'm not making them leave. In the meantime Urd has surpassed us all and is now a lv68 Mystic ( you can always join her in Eternal Mountains for a party , but be careful when going there. You need to pass through Knight Valley ! We're halfway to level 6 , so keep doing guild quests, everybody ..
Forum News
I'll keep adding posts about new members when I get pictures from you. To see the forums inside, please JOIN !

I'd like every member to post a little picture ( if you REALLY don't want to set up imageshack , mail me the picture and I'll keep it on my Imageshack account ).

Have fun

9/06/2011 Kiyoko
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